Private Workspaces

The Walbec Group

The Walbec Group’s new space promotes forward-thinking and a hardworking culture with a des...

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Nature’s Way

After developing a design focused on open, collaborative spaces, incorporating branding into each...

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Baird wanted their space transformed into a collaborative and energetic work environment.

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BSI relocated its Corporate Office to a centralized location with easy access for clients and employ...

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Generac transformed their Corporate Headquarters into a world-class facility that increased collabor...

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Kimberly Clark

BSI was selected to work with Kimberly Clark to furnish their downtown Chicago penthouse suite.

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American Advantage – Petersen Group

American Advantage – Petersen Group is a New Berlin based independent insurance agency.

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Concurrency selected BSI to create a space that would assist them in attracting and retaining prospe...

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GS Global Resources

GS Global Resources selected BSI to renovate and furnish their state-of-the-art facility that would ...

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Aurora Medical Center Corporate Office

Aurora Healthcare wanted a complete renovation of this turn-of-the-century building (a former tanner...

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Other types of Remodeled Spaces

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