Old Republic Surety - Corporate Office

Supporting a move to a new Corporate Office, Old Republic relied on a full interior integration of their new space!

In an effort to provide employees with new ways of working, Old Republic Surety partnered with BSI and SMART SPACES to create a new space; inviting and supportive of their teams. The new space can be summarized by collaboration and connection – both in person, and with support of technology. All while maintaining project budgets, the teams came together to provide a seamless integration of interiors.

  • Project Completed


  • Services

    • Design Partnership with HGA
    • Desk & Wire Management
    • Furniture Specification
    • Specialty Construction | Window Shades
    • Audio Visual Integration with SMART SPACES
    • AV Design & Engineering
    • Integration & Programming
    • On-Site Training & Service

Project Goals

  • Providing areas of collaboration, private break areas, conference rooms, and a large company meeting space
  • Successful change management - moving to a new location without affecting daily business
  • Incorporating culture and brand into architecture and furnishings
  • Relocating private offices to the interior of the building, providing more natural light to the majority of the floorplate
  • Designing & supporting a video conferencing standard throughout all conference rooms
  • Room scheduling capabilities for all collaborative spaces
  • Providing easy to use technology systems for all employees