Specialty Contractor Services

Flexibility to provide skilled trades

With experienced in-house project managers and estimators, we are able to provide our construction services to partners in our industry. Our trained and certified craftsmen cover a variety of services that include but are not limited to:

  • Demountable Wall (Glass, Solid, Telescoping, Technology Integrated)
  • Access Floor
  • Flooring (Carpet, Resilient, LVT, Wood, Laminate, Bamboo & more)
  • Moveable Walls
  • Blinds & Shades (Manual, Motorized, Custom, Drapery)


Why choose BSI for your partner in Specialty Construction

  • CM Lean Certified Professional

    This certification demonstrates our continuous improvement to eliminate waste and deliver predictable projects.

  • Self-Performed Interior Construction

    Our multi-service capabilities set quality levels and maintain project schedules

  • On-Site Working Superintendent

    Our craftsmen are supported with a superintendent that you will get to know throughout your project phasing

  • Multi-Phased & Accelerated Schedules

    Our offering of services allows us to meet every deadline-no matter how simple or complex the project

  • Work in Occupied Spaces

    Our skilled craftsmen are professional and courteous while working in occupied spaces and are held to the highest safety standards in the business.

  • Highly Trained & Certified Craftsmen

    Our interior renovation team receives regular training to maintain their professional certifications, including ICRA for Healthcare

Our team is factory trained and certified to install the following Architectural Products

Our Interior Construction Certifications

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