Nature's Way

With a new corporate brand standard and anticipation for growth, Nature's Way built a new office building

After developing a design focused on open, collaborative spaces, incorporating branding into each space and creating flexible and functional work areas, the office building features a variety of working areas, giving employees choice for where and how they want to work. The creative branded artwork and murals provide a fresh and inspiring feeling throughout the entire building.

While designing and installing the project in the midst of a pandemic, selections were made to improve the health, safety and comfort of employees including an increase in square footage per person and choice in furniture to accommodate six foot social distancing when needed.

Training tables, lounge furniture and seating options are easy to move around to create the best environment for the meeting taking place. In addition to getting employees back into the office and working comfortably, Nature’s Way was looking for ways to attract and retain new talent as they grow.

Look below for more photos of the new, collaborative office space!

  • Project Size

    45,000 sq ft

  • Completion Date

    April 2021

  • Services

    • Interior Design
    • Furniture & Finish Selection
    • Wire Management Services

Project Goals

  • Fulfill new, inspiring brand standards throughout building
  • Support company growth goals by improving employee attraction and retention
  • Improve communication between cross-functional teams with a collaborative environment

Hear from Jeff Satterberg, Senior Director of People Development, on the goals, challenges, and success of their new office building project!