American Advantage - Petersen Group

American Advantage – Petersen Group is a New Berlin based independent insurance agency.

They enlisted the services of BSI to build-out their new office with the goal of attracting and retaining employees, while giving them a space to be proud of.  BSI was proud to assist in providing them a space that would allow for collaboration, independent work, and attraction and retention of employees.

BSI began the process by using the BSI Budget Calculator to assist the client in the development of their budget and prioritizing their wish list.  Sit to stand workstations and technology integration were important to the client, as well as a lounge for associates to come together. With their tight time frame,  BSI was able to complete the project on time and on budget.

  • Time Frame

    6 months

  • Services

    • Architectural & Interior Design
    • Interior Construction
    • Project Management, Budgeting & Scheduling
    • Space Planning & Workflow
    • Lighting Design
    • Interior Furnishing & Finish selections

"The process went so smooth, we definitely would recommend them and use them again in a heartbeat."

-Marc Petersen, American Advantage Petersen Group

Video Testimonial

We are proud to help American Advantage create a space that attracts and retains top talent!

Experience the BSI showroom

Get a feel for the work we do at the Showroom nearest you in Waukesha or Appleton, Wisconsin.

Schedule a tour

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