The Walbec Group

The Walbec Group was looking to expand their operations and create a branded workspace for their support services teams.

The Walbec Group’s new space promotes forward-thinking and a hardworking culture with a design that attracts and retains talent.

With a short timeframe for occupancy, BSI partnered with Workshop Architects and Selzer-Ornst to assist with interior design and provide furniture and finish selections. Workshop Architects discovered a need from employees for access to natural light, flexibility, but also privacy for the teams in this building. These concepts were incorporated into the design and interiors of the building. It was also important that their brand was well-represented throughout the space using colors and materials.

Besides the challenges of making employees comfortable in the office, post-pandemic, this project was also met with supply chain delays on the construction and furniture sides of the project. Working well as a team, the collection of partners on this project were able to complete the fast-tracked project in time for opening in January 2022. The colorful, collaborative nature of the environment supports the original project goals – providing a productive space for The Walbec Group.

Check out their office space below!

  • Project Size

    18,930 sq ft

  • Completion Date

    January 2022

  • Services

    • Interior Design
    • Furniture & Finish Selection
    • Furniture Installation

Project Goals

  • Improve workplace aesthetics with natural light
  • Collaborative areas to encourage teams to work together
  • Incorporating colors and materials to support the brand vision

“BSI was the right furniture partner for The Walbec Group’s newest office. From day one, they listened to our needs and came to the table with the right solutions to meet our goals. The result is a beautiful space with workstations, collaborative areas, and conference rooms uniquely designed to embody Walbec’s brand, support individual focus, and facilitate intentional teamwork.”

-Bridget Kraus, Vice President of Marketing at The Walbec Group