Sulaco: The Future of the Office from Herman Miller

From Office to Everywhere: Planning for the Dynamic Future of Work

The challenges of the past year have precipitated many questions about the future of the workplace. Herman Miller and BSI have been preparing for accelerated workplace change with an extensive body of knowledge and insight around People, Process, and Place.


We’ve taken that knowledge and insight and created an engaging Insight Scenario that offers meaningful ways in which your organization can embrace the new era of work, and we’d love to share it with you.


From the ground floor to the rooftop, the scenario will take you on a comprehensive journey that explores:

• The Power of Establishing a Dynamic Office Landscape
• Exploring Meaningful Well-Being Considerations
• Supporting Distributed Work Across a Network of Places
• Creating a Great User Experience For Staff and Guests

We look forward to a session exploring possibilities for the new era of work, with an eye toward your questions and unique challenges.

View the Sulaco tour HERE!


Contact us at to learn more.

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