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Project Profiles

Waukesha State Bank

Client goals was to reflect a modern aesthetic while blending with their mid-century modern architecture.
The lobby was designed to create a clear direction for the multiple services that take place without confusion or distra
BSI incorporated a modern aesthetic while honoring the history of the building.
LED light fixtures in various shapes and sizes bring human scale to an expansive space.
The design captured the beauty and warmth of the original Tennessee Limestone on the vault and building exterior
BSI installed new quartz flooring to mimic the look and feel of the Tennessee limestone.
The Community Center features custom flooring and lighting.
BSI installed a Wattstopper lighting control system with scene control dimmer switches and daylight harvesting sensors.

Waukesha State Banks’ goal was to renovate their space to reflect a new 21st century modern aesthetic which would blend well with their existing 1950’s “mid-century modern” architecture. BSI provided the interior and lighting design, office furnishings, and electrical services for the project.

The client wanted to capitalize on the beauty and warmth of the Tennessee Limestone featured on the facilities exterior, and on the wall near the Bank Vault. To meet the challenge of matching materials which were over 60 years old BSI incorporated new quartz flooring which mimicked the look and feel of the original limestone.

BSI’s Electrical Division & Lighting Design team removed all existing pendant lights from the lobby and incorporated large, energy-efficient LED fixtures to create interest in the expansive space. A new Wattstopper lighting control system was installed in the lobby and community room, which includes scene control dimmer switches and daylight harvesting sensors to save on energy usage

Project Size: 18,000 sq ft
Project Duration: 12 months
Awards: IES Illumination Section Award, 2017
BSI Services: Interior Design, Lighting Design, Electrical Installation, Furnishings