Waukesha City Hall

Celebrating 125 years, the City of Waukesha built a brand new City Hall!

As the 125th Anniversary of becoming an incorporation approached for the City of Waukesha, they began to look at their existing building from 1965 and decided to plan for improvements.

The City of Waukesha takes pride in a heritage of prosperity, and a future focus on providing the community with outstanding services for young to old.

Learn more about their project goals and the final product below!

  • Project Size

    55,000 sq ft

  • Services

    • Furniture Design & Specification
    • Access Floor
    • Sound Masking
    • Wire Management

Project Goals

  • Provided centralized location for community to access City Hall & City Hall Annex
  • Incorporated a variety of meeting settings: impromptu meetings, formal meetings, project rooms, individual work spaces
  • Created welcoming atmosphere for the community
  • Embrace a culture of Friendliness, Pride, Stability and Flexibility through a variety of work settings

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