To better serve our valued clients and expand our presence in the community, SMART SPACES & BSI opened our Madison Showroom in 2023.

Within the space, design and technology seamlessly unite to create unique, integrated, collaborative experiences. The goal was to provide areas that not only highlight the latest in technology, but also showcases how it can coexist with elegant and functional design. Check out more images of the space below!

  • Completion Date


  • Services

    • Interior Architecture & Design
    • Furniture Design & Install
    • Specialty Construction
    • Modular Construction | DIRTT Walls
    • Audio Visual Integration with SMART SPACES
    • AV Programming

Project Goals

  • Kitchenette features extra-large display with collaborative table and hospitality features.
  • Live Design Studio, with a stunning entry, provides a space for collaboration with dual monitors to utilize interactive digital tools.
  • Workstation setting features sit-to-stand ‘hot desks’, equipped with hardware to support quick connectivity, with ergonomics and storage options.
  • Audio Visual Rack enclosure is illuminated to showcase our team’s ability to install and maintain clean equipment through intentional ‘rack craftsmanship’.
  • Various huddle spaces support small group interaction and individual use, with hardware to support quick connectivity.
  • Acoustical materials strategically positioned throughout the space absorb sound and noise is dampened via sound masking provisions.