Ariens Company

To better support their recent growth, Ariens Co acquired the old Brillion Works Property in Brillion, WI and worked closely with the City of Brillion to enhance the site and embrace the character of the building.

 The new space would also be home to the Ariens Family Foundation, who continues to invest in Brillion and the surrounding community.
Because of their growth and workstyle requirements, the design needed to be flexible and adaptable as business needs change. This includes easy access to technology along with reconfigurability down the road. There were certain departments that required highly collaborative areas, with technology to support the work. BSI was able to implement DIRTT Walls and cabinetry into many areas of the building, providing a foundation for future changes as needed. Complete with locally made, custom pieces, the Ariens Co building brings the story of
community full circle.

  • Project Size

    15,600 sq ft

  • Completion Date


  • Services

    • Interior Architecture & Design
    • Furniture & Finish Selection
    • Furniture Installation
    • Specialty Construction - Flooring
    • Modular Construction - DIRTT Walls

Project Goals

  • Support growth of company
  • Collaborative areas to encourage teams to work together
  • Provide solutions to support future growth