OE1 Additions to Herman Miller Product Line

Herman Miller announces enhancements to an already collaborative product line – OE1!

Herman Miller introduces new additions to the OE1 Workspace Collection. With the new pieces, Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of Industrial Facility give individuals and teams even more ways to reconfigure their workspaces on the fly and work in ways that support rather than constrain.

Whether you’re using individual pieces or the entire collection, OE1 is designed to seamlessly fit into environments. Amplify or optimize your existing spaces—or create totally new ones—choosing from a wide variety of configurations and colors.


Scale up, scale down, fine-tune. With its multifunctional designs and mobile elements, OE1 helps organizations optimize their real estate by transforming underutilized areas into agile, hard-working workspaces.

Experience the agility for yourself in our Waukesha Showroom!

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