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Project Profiles

GS Global Resources

BSI was selected to design, build and furnish an existing facility that the client recently purchased. They asked for a state of the art facility that would house their plant and global headquarters offices

BSI\'s Lighting Design team created a custom lighting and ceiling plan incorporating egress lighting, and unique fixtures throughout the space.

BSI\'s electrical services team installed a new generator and transfer switch for IT equipment. To allow for acoustical privacy and achieve speech privacy, BSI installed a Sound Masking System within the facility. Connectrac was recessed in the floor of the client\'s conference room to allow power throughout the room, allong with a Control Panel installed on the wall.

The facility features premium AV systems, designed and integrated into the facility by BSI’s AV Solutions team.

Project Size: 23,633 sq ft
Project Duration: 5 months
Contract Format: Design, Build, Furnish