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Project Profiles


Casual workspaces and hoteling stations allow for collaboration
Geiger Private Office featuring height adjustable work surface.
BSI’s Lighting Designer selected creative fixtures like the Surge LED Linear Suspension
A lower level café, features modular furniture allowing flexibility for meetings, socializing and work space.
Low panel workstations to allow light throughout the space

BSI worked closely with Concurrency to create a space that would assist the company in attracting and retaining prospective employees. Specifically, the President, asked for an architectural space with a Cool Vibe that would be reminiscent of the Helnwein Painting “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” which was carried throughout the exterior window design as well as the interior walls and windows

The furniture design incorporated low panel systems that would allow light to penetrate the entire space. To increase collaboration, flexible spaces were created for impromptu meetings and hoteling stations. Modular furniture was selected for this space enabling flexibility and future growth A Starbucks feel was created in the lower level café for employees to use as a meeting space, a workspace, or to take a short break.

The space is located in a densely wooded area. Lighting, furniture and finish selections were designed to work with the exterior environment. The space was designed with the concept of keeping the view open to the outside, allowing as much light into the space as possible

BSI’s Lighting Designer created various lighting levels throughout the space depending on the specific job functions that took place in that area. In addition, she increased light levels and selected fixtures that enhanced the theme of the space.

Project Size: 48,500 sq ft
Project Duration: 8 months
Contract Format: Design Build Furnish
BSI Services: Design & Furnish, including: Interior Design, Finish Selection & Specifications, Lighting Specification, Ceiling Design, Furniture Specification