J.J. Keller & Associates-Fitness & Health Center

A company wellness initiative leads to a healthful space for associates

The J. J. Keller & Associates Fitness and Health Center is a major transformation involving a long planning process. These plans began as a project about twice the size, but when the pandemic hit, the project was put on a temporary hold.

When things turned around, the Fitness and Health Center was J.J. Keller & Associate’s first goal to complete. With designs incorporating their branding, the space will surely inspire those utilizing it.

See the new wellness area for their associates below!

  • Project Size

    7,686 sq ft

  • Services

    • Design
    • Architecture
    • AV
    • Construction
    • Furniture

Project Goals

  • Implement additional company branding to improve culture
  • Provide a fitness space for associates to access easily
  • Improved company wellness goals encouraged creation of the new space