GE Healthcare Imagination Cafe

GE Healthcare wanted a collaboration space that would be inspiring, engaging, and draw their employees out of their cubicles and interacting with each other.

BSI’s design team created a solution called the Imagination Café, which could be used by numerous associates at the same time. The space includes four semi private landings with access to charging stations for employees’ mobile devices. A kitchen counter and bar height tables allows for quick meeting spaces. Mobile lounge chairs are used in front of a large screen for international conference calls. The space is divided using open panels and feature glass to allow associates to see into the space and give the openness desired for the space.

To pay homage to the client’s past and global presence, BSI’s design team used vintage inspired lighting, graphics with the client’s branding and messaging, and vintage artwork throughout the space. In addition, the design team contacted several of the client’s locations from around the world and asked them to send local toys, puzzles and books from their region of the world to inspire and engage the imagination of the Milwaukee employees.

  • Services

    • Architectural & Interior Design
    • Finish Selections
    • Lighting Design
    • Interior Construction
    • Furniture Selection & Installation
    • Project Management

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