BSI Design Department

Committing to our tagline and reinventing the way we work, BSI completed a renovation of the Design Department.

To encourage skill and knowledge sharing between designers, panel heights were lowered, and workstations were designed to support the collaborative nature of our team.

  • Project Completed


  • Services

    • Interior Architecture & Design
    • Furniture Design & Install
    • Specialty Construction | Painting, Lighting
    • Audio Visual Integration with SMART SPACES

Project Goals

  • Large work islands were implemented for collaboration on project finishes and materials.
  • As a working showroom, multiple workstation sizes, layouts and finish combinations are represented to show options.
  • Privacy booth equipped with technology was added for associates to utilize during virtual calls or focused work.
  • Bell shaped light fixtures wrapped in sound absorptive PET provide a fun aesthetic while dampening sound within the space.
  • Hanging acoustical panels bring in a fun aesthetic to the environment while providing privacy to booth users.