Anyone can sell furniture; but it is the long-term commitment to service and breadth of vertical markets we work with that sets us apart.

We work with hundreds of manufacturers, allowing us to provide you with the right solution for your business that fits your budget.

Our Furniture Brands

Product Offerings

  • Private Office Desking

    Casegoods for enclosed office environments

  • Workstations

    Supporting open plans, traditional layouts or height adjustable solutions

  • Office Chairs

    Comfortable options for office, conference and training

  • Training Tables & Seating

    Flexible options for static and reconfigurable areas

  • Lounge Seating and Tables

    Stylish soft seating for common areas

  • Collaboration

    Dynamic furnishings and tools to bring your group together

  • Reception Desking

    Welcoming furniture for a good first impression

  • Conferencing

    Collaborative solutions for focused meetings

  • Education

    Inspiring & functional products for learning

  • Healthcare

    Solutions that promote healing

  • Files & Storage

    Versatile products for dividing space, collaborating and storing

  • Stack Seating & Stools

    Multipurpose seating for breakroom, café and common areas

  • Privacy Booths

    Standalone private rooms for single use or collaboration

  • Work Tools & Accessories

    Customize your workspace with lighting, organization, technology, and decor accessories

    See Work Tools & Accessories

We're more than a vendor. We're a partner.

Our customer service, combined with our manufacturer’s warranties and our commitment to high quality products and services, ensure excellent support over the life of your project. 

Let's discuss your project

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