Certified Dealer Partner

BSI has been a proud member of Herman Miller’s Certified Dealer network since its inception in 1999.

Now, as a MillerKnoll dealer we now have access to the most comprehensive collection of design brands in the industry.

The reach of the network—whose membership includes nearly 50 dealers operating out of more than 240 locations across North America—enables BSI to handle projects of all sizes, even those with locations across the nation. All MillerKnoll Certified Dealers must meet the same rigorous requirements to earn and maintain MillerKnoll’s network affiliation, so you can be sure that we will consistently perform to your expectations.

Why we continue to be a Certified Dealer for our customers:

  • One accountable resource for furniture and related services at all your locations
  • A full menu of services, tailored to individual site needs
  • Consistent quality and performance, measured by Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Better utilization of your furniture assets resulting in a productive environment

The map above shows our capabilities across the nation as a MillerKnoll Certified Dealer. Each dot represents national Certified Dealers we have completed projects with.

Our workspaces inspire collaboration and spark productivity, keeping your current team happy and attracting new talent in the process

View our products

Experience our showroom

Our customer service, combined with our manufacturers’ warranties and our commitment to high quality products and services, ensure excellent support over the life of our products.

Schedule a tour

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