A Balanced Approach

The office environment is complex and ever-changing. For companies to innovate and grow, their workspace must support all employee activities. Through our experience, we know that workspace function and design is different for everyone.

Work Smarter

A balanced approach creates an inspirational space with a high degree of collaborative areas. In addition, the space should include adequate space for concentration, support ergonomics and employee health, and is very flexible while appealing to the multi-generational, multi-cultural workforce.

Flexible work spaces built for concentration, supporting ergonomics and employee health

The Research

According to a workplace study by Gensler, knowledge workers spend 24% of their time collaborating and 54% of their day in “heads down” work, where concentration is key. The office must accommodate both collaboration and concentration in order for people to thrive. An office designed around our 10 principles can be more collaborative, more innovative and more productive.

Gensler's Workplace Study

Our projects begin with a discovery session that reveals how your team works and the space it requires to get the job done right.

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Every BSI project starts from scratch, resulting in a unique space designed just for you.

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