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Green Building

LEED Certified Professional Team

BSI’s team of LEED Certified professionals have been trained to incorporate responsible, environmental “green” solutions within a project’s overall scope.  All aspects of the project are considered, the design, the materials, the execution of the project all affect the ultimate rating of a building.  BSI can work with you from the project inception through completion and then assist with the actual certification process.  BSI’s LEED certified professionals have all passed the rigorous testing of the “United States Green Building Council” and have earned the title of LEED AP.

Sustainable Design

The aim of sustainable design is to produce places in a way that reduce the use of non-renewable resources, minimize environmental impact and relate people to the natural environment.  By designing from the inside out, BSI has the opportunity to develop interior environments that are fully integrated with sustainable products from the finishes that are used to enhance the building envelope to the fixtures and furniture that are installed in them.  We have over 200 vendor partners that are attuned to sustainable design and have the products and finishes that will support this effort.

BSI Flooring Reclamation Program prevented 100 tons of CO2 from entering the Atmosphere

BSI is a pioneer in flooring reclamation for the Milwaukee area.  Partnering with Bentley / Prince Street, BSI provides carpet recycling services for our clients and even competitive flooring dealers.  Our program reclaims any carpet product, broadloom or modular regardless of manufacturer. In the past five years, BSI has reclaimed over 15,000 yards of carpeting (over 50 tons of material).  The impact of reclaiming this material is significant, carpet accounts for 2-3% of all materials sent to landfills and it takes over 50 years for that carpet to begin to decompose.  For every 1 ton of carpet recycled, 2 tons of CO2 are prevented from entering the atmosphere.