DIRTT’s Answer to Folding Walls

DIRTT’s Leaf Folding Wall lets you adapt your space on the fly.

At first look, Leaf looks and functions just like any other DIRTT wall. It’s tailored to perfectly fit within your space, integrate and adapt to your technology needs, and look good while doing it! While a traditional accordion wall does its job separating spaces, it’s not exactly winning any beauty contests. But when Leaf is in its closed position, you’d never know you were looking at a folding wall, and that’s exactly the point.

Businesses are fluid, and the needs of tomorrow can look much different than they do today.

Leaf isn’t just an accessory; it turns your space into a powerful tool. Think of it like a swiss army knife: no matter the situation, Leaf is going to be able to help you adapt. The only thing that’s certain, is change. Leaf walls were designed to help embrace change and make the most out of it.

Leaf looks just like any other DIRTT wall because it is any other DIRTT wall. Leaf is built using typical DIRTT wall frames and panels. This means you can repurpose existing walls using a simple kit that converts a solid wall into a Leaf wall. All you need to add is a structural support system, which DIRTT can help design and install.

When designing the Leaf system, our Product Development team knew it had to hold true to DIRTT’s DNA of building adaptive environments. It needed to be non-generational, just like all of DIRTT’s solutions. It needed to be more than just a space divider. It had to liberate and elevate the entire space that surrounds it. Leaf was first launched in the spring of 2017. It took our skunkworks team nearly a year to develop Leaf, and we think it was worth every second.

Soon, Leaf will have the ability to integrate power, technology and accessories. This means your Leaf wall will become an even more functional part of your space and be impervious to changes down the road, just like any other DIRTT wall.

Contact us at info@buildingservice.com to learn how Leaf Wall can help your space!

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