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Art Solutions to Reduce Distractions in the Workplace

How productive is your workspace? 53% of workers are distracted when trying to concentrate. 42% use makeshift solutions to block the noise. This was determined in a 2013 US Workplace Survey by Gensler.  Smaller individual workspaces and a move to more collaborative space design are two possible contributors to the increase in workplace distractions.

This same study by Gensler found that employees who can focus are 31% more innovative, had a 14% higher level of job performance and a 31% improvement in job satisfaction. While improving collaboration is one of the biggest trends in the workplace; it is clear that we also need to consider solutions to reduce noise levels and distractions to allow for concentration and productivity in the workspace.

We have art solutions that can help.

art panels corporate

  1. Acoustic Art Panels
    A digital image is printed on fabric and wrapped around an acoustic panel. This panel muffles noise and the art itself adds an aesthetic quality to the space.
  2. Window Films
    In an ideal workplace, we would all have a view of green rolling hills, multi-colored autumn trees, or a sparkling city landscape. In reality, the window nearest to our workspace might just show a brick wall of the building next store – or even a dull concrete parking lot.  While the natural light from the window has a positive impact on people, this less than ideal view of the outdoors can be less than motivating. Consider using an art-covered window film to improve the scenery, without sacrificing the external light.

At BSI, we understand that art affects people in different ways. We can offer unique art solutions for improving productivity in your workplace.

Call me for your complimentary art consultation and an assessment of your space. I can help you customize an art solution to make your workspaces more focused and effective.

art solutions to reduce distractions

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