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Project Profiles

Work Lounges

Create an inspirational space through the use of varied colors, textures and materials
These spaces should be dynamic and allow users to perform a variety of tasks
Create spaces for a coffee break or a bite to eat
Ecourage both scheduled and spontaneous meetings in these spaces
Work Lounges are multi-purpose. From a small group discussion to an all staff meeting
Most employees seek a casual, coffee shop atmosphere
Work Lounges facilitate spontaneous interactions, brainstorming, and creativity
Technology and collaboration tools should be incorporated
Give employees a space where they feel at home
Lighting is the essential element to enhance your space
Work Lounges are a great use of real estate, even when you do not have much to spare
Consider comfortable lounge seating to encourage collaboration
Flexible furniture allows for multiple users performing a variety of tasks
Find the proper lighting balance to make occupants feel comfortable and productive
Healthy food options encourage users to stay and work
Power! Users need charging stations to stay productive.
Stained concrete floors do not allowing dirt to show in high traffic areas.
Save room for storage

One of the most used and popular spaces in our designs transforms an under-used lunch room into a practical all-day, multi-functional area called a Work Lounge

Work Lounges encourage both scheduled and spontaneous meetings to take place in a casual, coffee shop atmosphere. These group-oriented spaces and common areas draw employees in and facilitate spontaneous interactions, brainstorming and knowledge sharing.